How to join KSQM

You need to finish a 2-step application here. At first, you need to apply online, then you should submit all your documents per email at

How to apply?

Before starting the application process, you should have the following documents at hand:

  • Curriculum Vitae (1-3 pages)
  • Description of doctoral research project
  • Confirmation of registration in Docata: (If this takes more time than you expect, you can hand in this file later)
  • Letter of motivation to become a KSQM member (1 page), signed by your first supervisor as confirmation of support

Let's get started!

Step 1: Fill out the online Application Form
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* Highest degree

Please enter the date you got your last degree
Step 2: Submit your documents to
Complete your application Please email us your CV, motivation letter with signature from your supervisor, research description and confirmation of Docata registration in ONE Pdf.
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What then?

You will get a confirmation email after your application online and we will keep you informed about the status of the admission procedure.