Training Program

The qualification concept "Learning" concerns the training and promoting of hard and soft scientific skills as well as transferable skills.

During the doctoral research, an overspecialization within a narrow sub-discipline needs to be avoided. KSQM thus aims to compensate such a development and broaden the scientific hard skills (M1) of its members. In addition, the promotion of scientific soft skills (M2) is supported including scientific communication, discussion and writing skills. With the help of the KHYS infrastructure, KSQM also encourages the evelopment of transferable skills (M3), e.g., on "Time and self -management" and "Conflict and stress management", as well as career management. In order to receive a certificate of the Graduate School at the end of their studies, the doctoral researchers must attend at least five module elements covering all three modules (M1, M2, M3). For M1 a certificate of successful participation (Schein) from the lecturer should be provided. If you can't or don't want to take any hard skills lectures, you can paricipate in a summer school which counts as M1 element.