What does KSQM offer?

KSQM aims to promote hard and soft scientific skills as wells as transferable skills; it provides a platform where doctoral researchers from different disciplines come together and interact as well as further assistance in supervision and mentoring.

KSQM is a qualification and networking platform for doctoral researchers. It  strengthens the competencies of the doctoral researchers all around and fosters excellence and interdisciplinary qualification beyond personal field of studies.

KSQM offers its members:

  • Special tailored lectures and courses in the field of quantum matter, quantum technology and quantum materials
  • Annual interdisciplinary summer schools where renowned invited speakers provide introductory courses to more specialized topics and give an overview about current research activities on quantum matter
  • Annual retreat meetings where doctoral researchers and PIs come together and present their own work to fellow researchers thus practicing presentation and discussion skills
  • International exchanges with research groups from abroad and funds to cover travel expenses
  • Modules of KHYS soft skills training like scientific writing and presentation skills, conflict and stress management, Time and self-management, career management
  • Access to the national and international networks of the quantum technology and engineering: guest seminars on hands-on experiences with Alumni that work in industry
  • Project funding for innovative research ideas
  • Additional assistance and support in supervision & mentoring
  • School certificate as additional qualification proof after successful participation

By the end of their learning and training, doctoral researchers within KSQM will have a sound knowledge in their topics in quantum matter and an application discipline in quantum technology. Graduates will be able to work out solutions to problems in a project-oriented manner and in cooperation with other scientists. They will have the ability to acquire new methods and competence, both general and academical, in an trained independent way.