The KSQM autumn school was a great opportunity to discuss and share our research with PhD students from various backgrounds and locations. It was also interesting to learn about other quantum technology fields.

- Prof. Ioan Pop





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KSQM is a great place for doctoral students to train their soft and hard skills. I think the best part was the fact that one could suggest topics for trainings and they were always taken into account. Not only that, it provides ample opportunities to network with like-minded people. I would not have met the people whom I can call my friends today, had it not been for KSQM events. I truly recommend joining the graduate school during your PhD!

- Anonymous

The KSQM has organised and provided access to numerous workshops in order to develop so-called soft skills which not only help to create a more well-rounded set of abilities necessary for a successful PhD but are also neccessary beyond our studies. The Summer schools and retreats then provide a focus more specifically on science which is a great opportunity to not only learn about our own field but also the fields of other members. These events also cultivate strong social links between members making the KSQM a very enjoyable place to be!

- Anonymous

"I find KSQM graduate school a great opportunity to benefit from during my doctoral studies at KIT. The school provides a comprehensive training program that touches all aspects, from scientific ones to personal development. Being part of this interdisciplinary school helps me as well get in touch with other Ph.D. fellows and be part of a dynamic environment with a lot of scientific exchange. This allows me to get an overview of the quantum science and condensed matter fields, going from theory to experiment and technology, which is very exciting in my opinion."

-Hossam Tohamy

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"The KSQM is the perfect way to get in touch with other Ph.D. students that work in the field of quantum matter, especially if you are just starting your program. A lot of useful and enjoyable networking can be done in an immensely welcoming environment that, besides hardskill-knowledge acquisition, also provides several opportunities to educate yourself on the level of softskills such as public speeking. It would advise anybody pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of quantum matter to join and benefit from the vast range of advantages!"

- Konrad Scharff

"In my experience, KSQM is a great opportunity to get to know fellow PhD students working on similar projects. You get access to many workshops and the yearly retreat meeting, where you can present your projects to other members."

-Andras Di Giovanni