Scientific Committee

TT-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yolita Eggeler
(Equal opportunities officer of KSQM)
LEM – Electron microscopy

Prof. Dr. Markus Garst
(spokesperson of the Graduate School)
TFP, IQMT – Theory of quantum materials

Prof. Dr. Matthieu Le Tacon
(spokesperson of the Helmholtz Program NACIP)
IQMT – Spectroscopy of quantum materials

Prof. Dr. Alexander Mirlin
TKM, IQMT – Theory of disordered and correlated quantum materials

Prof. Dr. Jörg Schmalian
(co-spokesperson of CRC/TRR288 and spokesperson of network Hydrotronics)
TKM, IQMT – Theory of complex quantum matter

TT- Prof. Dr. Philip Willke
(Equal opportunities officer of KSQM)
PHI - Quantum coherent control of new atomic-scale spin systems

Prof. Dr. Mario Ruben
INT - Functional Molecules, Molecular Electronics and Carbon-based Nanostructures

Prof. Shannon WHITLOCK
Laboratory of Exotic Quantum Matter
European Center for Quantum Sciences (CESQ) and ISIS
Université de Strasbourg, France - Exotic Quantum Matter