Who can apply to become a KSQM member?
Applications are open to doctoral researchers who has been accepted at the faculty and whose research topic matches one of those of KSQM.

 What are the selection critera?

Motivation to learn in an interdisciplinary network and confirmation from the first supervisor.

What are the requirements to get the KSQM certificate?
In order to receive a KSQM certificate at the end of their studies, the doctoral researchers must
1. attend at least five module elements covering all three modules (M1: scientific hard skills, M2: scientific soft skills, M3: transferable skills);
2. attend the annual retreat meeting
3. discuss the research progress with both supervisor and co-supervisor annually
4. submit the annual progress report.
If you are approaching the end of your study and don't have enough time to fulfill all these requirements, you can still join KSQM and expect no certificate.
 Does KSQM fund doctoral positions?
No, no doctoral positions are funded from KSQM. Please look for a doctoral position directly with a research group of your choice at one of the KIT Institutes. Afterwards, you can also apply for admission to KSQM in consultation with your supervisor.
There are still open questions, ideas or wishes?
Please feel free to contact Yu Goldscheider for any matters of your concern.
What are the rules of registration and participation for courses/workshops?

The KSQM RULES for course participation:

Please register at least 1 week before a course starts if you would like to participate. Later registrations are difficult to consider.

YOU HAVE TO REGISTER, otherwise the course will not be counted for your certificate.

Please tell the us immediately if you are ill on the course day! When you want to skip a course, contact us at least 1 week before it begins.

Courses with external lecturers:

The students who do not show up without prior excuse are asked to pay the proportional course costs (depending on the number of participants).

This is also the case with courses that last more than one day if there is no constant attendance, in addition to the fact that we cannot count the course for the student´s curriculum.