Diversity Event 2023

Diversity Event

On 08.11.2023 the Graduate Schools “Karlsruhe School of Quantum Matter (KSQM)”, “Helmholtz Incubator Data Science School for Health (HIDSS4Health)” and “BioInterfaces International Graduate School (BIF-IGS)” together with the Institute of Nanotechnology (INT) organized a Gender & Career Event with Prof. Yolita Eggeler and Prof. Jasmin Aghassi. Registration was open for female scientists after graduation only and resulted in 56 registered participants.

The event started with a presentation by Prof. Yolita Eggeler about her way to a now tenure-track professorship at the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy (LEM). This talk was followed by another presentation by Prof. Jasmin Aghassi describing her career between industry and academia to a full W3-professorship at the INT.

In a third presentation Nicole Merkle gave us insight into the topic of “Power Abuse in Science” followed by a lively discussion with the participants of the event.

The event ended with some networking and discussions between the participants of the event.